Community Assessment

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Community Assessment


The aim of this paper is to identify the group and their primary needs. It describes using the community assessment tool such as physical environment, how does the community look?, health and social services, evidence of acute or chronic conditions, economy, its industries, stores, places for employment, shopping centers, food stamps, unemployment rate, transportation and safety, private and public transportation, politics and government, Education, schools in the area, communication, newspapers, TVs and radios, parks recreation, its strengths, problems, general statements about the “health” of this community. The problems or potential problems can be identified. basic demographic information about the community. It includes the potential problem, its possible etiologies, based on the knowledge of the diverse community, a plan is described for a problem we found in our assessment, objectives (outcomes) to reach the goal, actions they require, evaluation of the actions and description of an evaluation plan

Community Assessment


Tacoma is a small urban city in Pierce County, Washington. The population is around 198,397. The inhabitants of Tacoma were American Indians for thousands of years, especially the Puyallup, who lived on the delta. It is the second-largest city in the Puget Sound. It serves as the center of business for the people of South Sound region. It has taken its name from Mount Rainier or Mount Tahoma. It is also called as the "City of Destiny”. The Commencement Bay serves as the Port for Tacoma, which is also a center for international trade for Washington State.

Tacoma experienced a decline in the 20th century due to suburbanization. In 1990s, there were many developments done in the downtown that includes the University of Washington, and Tacoma Link, which was the first electric rail service of the state. It also included the art and history museums; and a waterfront, called the Thea Foss Waterway. Tacoma is known as having a gritty image (Anderson, 2012).The paper describes the people of Tacoma, who are disadvantaged in the community and their health needs identification and their proposed solution. Before we discuss the economically disadvantage community, we would evaluate the overall community of the Tacoma.


The Tacoma-Pierce County is one of the exciting areas of the country and is also regarded as the nineteenth most walkable city. This city is regarded as the stressed-out city. In 2006, it was called the "Most Sexually Healthy City" in of the country. In 1852, Nicolas Delin made a sawmill near Commencement Bay, but the settlement grew up was destroyed during the Indian War. In 1864, Job Carr, selected the Commencement Bay as the base for the Transcontinental Railroad and made a cabin and later sold it to Morton M. McCarver, who called this area as Tacoma City. Its name was derived from the name of mountain (Gallacci, 2006).

Tacoma was regarded as "City of Destiny". It has western terminus railroad. The railroad links the New Tacoma, with the old one. The two towns grew together and later joined. In 1885, the white citizens of Tacoma and the mayor Jacob ...
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