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Community Health Nursing

Respiratory distress


Demographics and social environment

Columbia County, located in the state of US i.e. Florida is one of the major country having population of around 56,513. As per the latest census there are around 56,513 people including 20,926 households and around 15,900 families who are living in this county. There are around 20,926 household out of which around 35% had children under the age of 18 who are residing with them and in this ratio there are around 55% married couples. Whereas, 13% are females living without husbands. The per capita income for the county is around $15,000 and around 16% families are living below the poverty line. Columbia is termed to be known as one of a less populated county located in Florida. However, population is growing day by day as well due to the in-migration process. Moving towards the racial distribution, in Florida there are around 78% white people and 205 are black, whereas 3% of people identifies themselves as others (Boyden,, 1994).

Health Concern

As a matter of fact, in any state where people are living together numerous issues are also interconnected with them. Same is the situation with Columbia and among numerous diseases respiratory distress is one of the prevailing issue that is present. Currently as per one of a latest research, Columbia County has numerous patients suffering from heart diseases that followed up to cancer. Besides this, respiratory distress is a major as well as prevailing issue of this nation that has developed and still developing due to numerous reasons. Morbidity is a major with the help of which health status of a particular population can be best defined. Along with this, reported disease related and hospitalization data can be best used in order to rectify and highlight the morbidity ratio. As a matter of fact, behavior and social lifestyle are the two main concerns that are related with the health condition as well. People living in Columbia County have actually a very high rate of tobacco when it is compared with overall Florida (Parker, 1993).

As a matter of fact one of the major disease that results in higher rate of respiratory distress is TB. It is also known as tuberculosis and it is termed as an infectious respiratory problem that usually occurs due to bacteria. This disease passes from one person to another as well due to cough, sing, speak and laugh. As per one of a latest report, around 830 bases related to respiratory distress were reported in Columbia County, Florida. However, various measures were taken in order to reduce this increasing level as well (Matthay, 2003).


For every state one of the important concern is to look at every single area and respond accordingly. As mentioned earlier, respiratory distress is one of the prevailing disease of Columbia County, Florida and the rate is increasing day by day. Behind the massive increase, there are various reasons that are attached to it. Smoking, drinking and severe intake of drugs are the major problems due to which ...
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