Community Health Nursing Flyer

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Community Health Nursing Flyer

Community Health Nursing Flyer


Several factors affect the health of populations. Some relate to the individual, its biological and genetic predisposition, others involving the community. Lifestyle habits and other behaviors of daily life style, have a major influence on health status. Living conditions and living environments (school, family, work, etc). By actions on the determinants, levels of the population and systems that govern it, public health seeks to prevent disease, protect and promote the health of populations and to protect life. Moreover, despite the efforts made in recent decades to act on these determinants of health, several phenomena present major challenges to contemporary public health (Gorin, 2006).


Opportunities and Challenges

Population health is constantly threatened by epidemics, which in many cases, extend from one continent to another. Access to care and services is particularly problematic for developing countries, most affected by this disease, and threatens the integrity of entire communities and the sustainability of health systems (Green, 2010).

Environmental threats also pose significant challenges to public health. Air emissions generated by industries and road transport are increasingly important, and despite the efforts initiated under the Protocol which United Kingdom has so far refused to join. Many health problems related to the environment are poorly documented or not. To meet these challenges in the governance of health systems, should favor policies that reflect the importance of acting and to invest not only on individual determinants of health (lifestyle), which is still much the case, but also those that contribute more generally to improve the health of the population In this sense, the biggest challenge for the twenty-first century will be to simultaneously improve the environment, social conditions and economic and human potential, including Public health.

Definition of Health Promotion

The concept of health promotion is based on the interpretation of social and cultural health, and disease. The health promotion is the process of enabling people to gain greater control over their health. It is a dynamic and evolving concept referring to the management of health of people in the context of their daily lives. Health promotion concept promotes the attainment of the highest level of physical, mental, and social development. Tones (2001, p.23) defined health promotion as a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health (Green, 2010).

Approaches to Health Promotion

There are five approaches that are commonly used for enhancing health promotion. These approaches ...
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