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Should People with Mental Illness be treated within the Community?

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Should People with Mental Illness be treated within the Community?


In this paper, we will have a discussion on whether mental illness patients should be treated within the community or at the hospital. We have to analyse if mental health treatments within the community are better than at the hospitals or not.

First of all, there is a need to mention the concept of social stigma which reflects the discrimination among the people on the basis of their differences. For instance, a person having mental illness is treated differently in the society and not considered a normal person. Society leave only one option for mentally ill people that they must live in a mental hospital. However, the fact is that mental illness is curable. In some communities or places, people think of the mental illness as a disease which cannot be cured. On the other hand, there is a proper treatment process and therapy for the patient with mental illness.

If a person starts to develop any symptom of the mental illness, it is essential for them to see a doctor for help. However, there is an alternative to the doctor which is the community health service providers. These people help the patients within their community regarding their health problems. The proper cure and treatment help the condition of a person to improve or recover completely.

As far as the question is concerned, it can be said that the treatment in the community is considered better for mental health patients rather than the treatment in the hospital. The psychological treatments are usually considered good for the people who have depression or anxiety disorders; on the other hand, medications are necessary for the patients which are severely affected by mental health illness. At times, the symptoms of mental illness are so much confusing that the person does not realize that he or she is ill. In this kind of case, the friends or family of the patient may visit the doctor for discussing over the issue.


The Mental Health Service within Community is referred to as the service provision to the mental health patients in the community. This might mean as providing care to the patients in their homes. These are mostly the people who live in shelters or on the street. Unluckily, the people who live on the street or in shelters are marginalized and have a higher rate of mental illness. They generally face hurdles while receiving the services. The mental health services within the community are developed to provide solution to these problems.

Level of mental health at any given time is determined by many social, psychological, and biological factors. For example, the sustainable socio-economic pressures recognized risk factor for mental health of individuals and communities (Wells 2010, 759).

Psychiatry is the latest science in the field of medicine, which became independent only in the mid of 20th century. Therefore, since that time, ...
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