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COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION Community Participation In Malaria Control

Community Participation In Malaria Control


Community participation is considered an important component in health care and nearly all major development programs. However, judgments about the degree of participation have resided mostly conjectural. The value of community participation (Cp value), which is a new idea offered in this study aims to make it probable that the degree of involvement is considered most certainly (Rifkin, 2001, 33).


Participation, as stated by the World Bank Learning Group participation is "a process by which stakeholders benefit and share control over development designs and deductions and assets that affect them." Community participation has been widely recognized as a rudimentary right of individuals and the central implication for development activities.

Malaria, a curable and preventable pollution, the killings of more than a million people a year. Approximately 40% of the global community at risk of malaria, and most of those obtained by pollution are children under the age of children and young people in extremely poor communities. As one of the most important diseases in Africa and died in other developing countries, along with HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis (TB), malaria is a result insidious and far-reaching not just welfare, but more in the development economic and community development. In addition to direct accusations of remedy and prevention, malaria is accused of serious failings in productivity and undermines the achievements information. The only African economic cost is about $ 12 billion per year (Rifkin, 1990, 13).

The start of the RBM is a task of unity among countries affected by malaria in Africa, the four offices of the source (WHO, World Bank, UNICEF and UNDP) and other key organizations located and around the world. The main objective of RBM is beginning to take political will and support to design the position absolutely crucial economic and community for the device line to be used by all communities influenced by malaria, particularly the poorest. The long term goal is to halve the malaria death for people in Africa in 2010. This is in line with the Millennium Development Goal which deals with carrying out HIV / AIDS, malaria and other major diseases.

One of the best corners of the development are scheduled to be competent to manage events based on community participation is flourishing. Therefore, this study was accepted into alignment to address the importance of community participation in management based on the principle, in the hope that your celebration will be broadcast a better understanding of the role of participation in the making in exact and estimation of community participation in other programs.

The five countries re-evaluate in this study were selected at random, with the expectation of finding out community involvement activities in different locations and origins in Africa. Although Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria are in the western town of Africa, Tanzania and Uganda in East Africa. All four countries are mostly English conversation, while Burkina Faso is a French speaking country. Since the benefit of self-sufficiency policies between 1957 (Ghana) and 1964 (Tanzania), all ...
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