Company Analysis- Harry Winston

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Company Analysis- Harry Winston

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About Harry Winston1


Harry Winston - International Supply Chain1

Harry Winston - Organization Structure2

Canada's Policies on Conflict Diamonds2

About Kimberly Process Certification Scheme3

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Harry Winston is a diamond company at Toronto, Canada. It is the specialized industry that is working with the manufacturing of diamonds. The research report will discuss the company policies and activities that they are incorporating in the international world.

Company Analysis- Harry Winston


About Harry Winston

Harry Winston Diamond Corporation is situated in Toronto, Canada. Formerly known as Aber, it specializes in diamond mining. The company name was named after famous jeweler, Harry Winston.

Apart of its corporate operations in Toronto, Harry Winston has a rough diamond sorting facility and marketing department in Belgium. (


Harry Winston - International Supply Chain

Expanding the company internationally is easier now because of technological advancements. Global marketing is the need now to stay competitive throughout the corporate world. The tools used for global marketing now days are mostly internet and social networks. Through the channels of E-Commerce, it is quite easy now to establish links internationally with traders and buyers.

Harry Winston maintains a significant position as a rough diamond supplier to the international diamond manufacturers by trading with them directly.

Company provides rough diamonds to its clients according to their particulars.

Not only providing rough diamonds, Harry Winston has opened retail outlets around the world in major cities to sell unique and luxurious rare stones which are beautifully handcrafted, and uniquely set. (

Currently Harry Winston headquarter is located in New York City, USA, operating around 19 retail outlets around the world with over 190 locations of international distribution of its exclusive items.(

Company is focusing more on expanding its retail network around the world by joining hands with its business partners around the world. These business partners will be specializing in local market conditions and will be helping company to maintain the brand image with their applied knowledge. (

Recently Harry Winston made a partnership with DKSH in Hong Kong to open a retail sell to sell premier time piece as a part of DKSH's Global Market Expansion Services.

DKSH will provide its expertise and knowledge to make a ground for Harry Winston to enter the Asian Market and expand its business operations in the content.

Harry Winston - Organization Structure

Company's Strategy and policies are overseen by its board of directors who have a solid background and experience in banking and finance, brand management and mining of minerals.

Coming to the strategy of Harry Winston's selling of Rough Diamonds, company sorts out the rough diamonds at the Toronto-based facility, which further on is send to Mumbai, India to categorize diamond according to their specific types and client's requirements which is only for the Indian Market. (www.

However the sorting facility in Mumbai gives the advantage to the company in shape of accurate assessment of stone 'properties to maximize its value.

Each diamond is manually inspected by Harry Winston's staff to assess the weight after its cleaned and then the stone is further ...
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