Comparative Essay

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Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay


In today's world, the importance of education is even greater than what it was around two to three generations ago. This is because the innate human desire to rise, both socially and financially, has increased over the passage of time and education has provided the perfect impetus to achieve the desired level. In the two articles that are the subject of this comparative essay, the authors attempt to provide the reader with their unique point of view on the importance of colleges in educating the American youth and how the role of these colleges has changed over the passage of time. This essay draws a comparison between the two articles in an attempt to determine which one of them is more effective in delivering its ideas and opinions.


It has recently been debated whether American colleges still uphold the tradition of providing high-quality education as well as equal academic opportunities to all Americans rather than just the elite. The foundation for this debate lies in the current standard of education in American colleges and the tuition fees charged to students. In “Are colleges worth the price of admission?”, Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus argue their point by highlighting how colleges have redefined their educational framework by taking up more and more roles while doing little to ensure that they are performed well.

They attempt to answer some basic questions, such as whether colleges are fulfilling their commitment to provide good value to students for their investments of money and time, and what the individuals and the greater society is gaining from higher education. Hacker and Dreifus also point out how colleges have failed their fundamental mission, which is to ensure that the minds of the youth are challenged continuously with innovative courses.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the article, it ...
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