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Compare and Contrast

Hemingway has a very simple style of writing and the intensity of the story comes through in the conversation of the characters. This is very evident within the conversations of the characters. Almost every sentence and phrase in this story has some type of symbolization to pregnancy and fertility. This story is also very symbolic of Hemingway's writing because it discusses a modern topic, in this case abortion. In this paper, I will critique and analyze the theme of pregnancy and how the couple discusses it. I will discuss different objects in the setting and how it might point to the theme of pregnancy and fertility. This theme is shown throughout the story and I will give numerous examples to back this statement up. At no time does anyone mention the word abortion, but after reading Hills Like White Elephants I realized that it is what is being discussed through symbolism.

In the beginning of the conversation between the two characters, one would not assume that the female character is pregnant due to the fact that she is drinking alcohol and quite heavily. Most people know that is not healthy for a woman to drink during pregnancy due to the effects that it could have on the baby. After reading on and realizing that she is pregnant, her drinking may symbolize that she really does not want the baby. It also could symbolize that she is in some denial over the fact that she is pregnant and actually just wants to go on with her life. If she realizes that drinking is unhealthy while pregnant, her drinking could also symbolize that she wants to lose the baby and is drinking to increase the chances of this.

While reading their conversation, I also realized that the woman was trying to avoid ...
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