Compare And Contrast Between Saudi Arabia And The Usa Culture

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Compare and contrast between Saudi Arabia and the USA culture

Comparatively vast difference between the two culture of USA and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Regarding to their culture, habits and religious there is also found similarities between the two cultures. USA will seem very strange to Saudi Arabian people. As Saudi people living in the USA they will take more time for acting with people there and their traditions, the same as USA people when they will visit Saudi Arabia, it will becoming very strange to them for finding the way in forcing with the new culture and customs. Saudi Arabia does not allow non-Muslims to become citizens. They do not even let necklaces that represent other religions into their country.

The Saudi Arabian government and the American government both support the education of women. They both are putting large amounts of money towards this issue. The cambers of commerce now have women's sections and billions of riyals are invested in women's education. In the United States the government has stabilized the intake of females in the educational sector. Now they are focusing more on the minorities and helping them with financial aid. The number of women between the ages of 25 and 34 in managerial and professional jobs has increased 14.6 percent to five million in the last five years. The problem in Saudi Arabia is that there are not enough jobs for the women. Women are now 58 percent of Saudi university students, yet only about 275,000- two percent of the workforce-are employed. But it is the jobs, a secretarial opening in 1996 elicited over 500 applications, estimates that in the Riyadh area alone there are at least 35,000 high school graduates who would like a job if they had the opportunity, there are not enough jobs given to the female sector. It also does not help that the Saudi Arabians do not let the men and women talk and congregate which is holding back a lot of potential progress.

Men and women in the same workplace is the biggest difference in Saudi and America. The Saudis cannot mix together they have to have businesses for the different sexes. Women now work in shops that cater exclusively to women, and there are also entire shopping malls catering exclusively to women and employ only women Banks for women provide employment for few but, more importantly, alleviates women's dependency on a male guardian for access to their own money. In the United States, the men and women intermingle all the time at work, around the malls, and in restaurants. American society has flourished because of the interactions between the sexes. Young women can now express themselves at work. ˜It mean that there are more women, so there's a critical mass of women who therefore feel more at ease than the one-and-only or the three were in the past, Ms.Seinem says. As the women feel more at ease and equal at the workplace, the farther ahead the society will move.

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