Compare And Contrast Of Nothing Gold Can Stay And The World Is Too Much With Us

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Compare and Contrast of Nothing Gold can stay and The World is Too Much with Us


In our lives, during the period of academic life and sometimes just for the sake of pleasure we read a lot of books. In a book there are various themes and ideas that play their part in delivering the actual theme of the story to the readers. There are few stories, novels and poems that leave an everlasting impact on us. The aim and purpose of this essay is also to undertake the discussion about the comparison and contrast of the two poems of two different writers. The poems that are chosen for the purpose of the comparison and contrast of are nothing gold can stay by Robert Frost and the world is too much with us by Williams Wordsworth.


The first poem that is considered in this comparison and contrast essay is nothing can stay gold. This poem is written by Robert Frost. The poem is very short but, it is difficult to understand. By comparing a lot of natural things with the nature of human being Frost created a difficult prediction and understanding of the poem. The second poem that is the part of the comparison and compares analysis is the world is too much with us. This poem is written by famous romantic poet William Wordsworth. This poem is also very short as well as easy to understand and read.

There are various grounds on the basis of which these two poems can be compared and can be regarded as similar to each other. The first aspect that regards the two poems as the same is the description and the example that is used to deliver the main idea of the poem. The example that is used in both of the poem to deliver ...
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