Compare And Contrast Paper Due On The Education System In China Vs. The Usa

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Compare And Contrast Paper Due On The Education System In China vs. the USA

An ideal system of education requires individual characteristics. Our learning system today is not rather perfect. All educational institutions have a common goal. The goal for all students to gain knowledge that they did not have to in order to compete in the real world. Morowitz composed that numerous persons accept as true “education is a method of moving knowledge from expert to pupil. The majority of people believe this is "obtaining education." (Stallings, p67) "There is more that the concept of" students depository "and" teacher contributor. "The achievement of the students are exactly associated to environment he is surrounded. A perfect system of education must begin with the comfortable environment. The teacher must also be knowledgeable and do not believe in the myth that "teachers to justify their existence through their students the absolute ignorance" (Stallings, p67). Perfect educational institutions should be able to accommodate cultural change, diversity have a rigorous program with alternative learning strategies, and facilitates interaction among its peers.

Learning Scheme of Ceramic and the United States

Education is a perpetual work-in-progress throughout the world, if a country wants to be strong and powerful people of this country are the backbone. How can these people be nice to all of society be good? First of all, they must be literate. If people are not literate, they are unlikely to find work to support them, and therefore they must depend on the government. So education is very significant for everyone.


While Asia maintains consistent quality of the local school, when compared with the U.S. equivalent, American boarding schools supply a more finely tuned education. Indeed, both schemes make well-educated students. However, there are disadvantages; it would seem an ideal situation. Increased international trade and the new prominence of China as one of the key partnerships in trade with the United States has led to comparisons with respect to the internal structure and national policies of each of these two countries. Due to the call for school reform in the U.S. and the introduction of new types of schools in the educational area, a comparison of the educational systems of these two countries stressed that the influence of Western ideals were for education in China. A evaluation between ceramic and the U.S. development of sustainable education systems in the United States and China was the result of history to focus on the importance of education and belief that public education serves not only to improve conditions for some families and create a better workforce, but also to address some of the main social problems that are common in industrialized countries (Veigal, p45).

It is interesting to note that even in the midst of significant economic and political changes over the past two decades; the education system in China has changed very little. Progression of Communist ideals and the importance of the nationalist movement have played a role in the early progression of social models in China and led to the ...
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