Compare And Contrast Two Popular Music Stars

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Compare and Contrast Two Popular Music Stars

"Out with the old and in with the new." This is the natural attitude that most people have, partly because the media demonstrates it. It's human nature to build things up and then someday tear it down. When someone says that the people end up destroying the things they once created, they are not not talking about buildings; but about other people.

Britney Spears versus Madonna was the main topic of an online discussion the other day. One could not believe my eyes! Here people have two very talented performers being compared and contrasted on not their professional merit but staying power and who looks better in a Versace gown. The general consensus of that ridiculous poll concluded what is said in the beginning about how people tend to obliterate what they valued at one time (Spillman, and Stein, 2008).

In the poll, most people were saying that it was time for Madonna to step down from her pop culture reign and make way for the latest rising pop sensation, Britney Spears. Funny how an icon like Madonna, who has had a successful career longer than Spears has been alive, would be subjected to a survey that undermines and somewhat discredits her hard work for the past two decades. Well okay, it's not funny, or interesting but it is upsetting because of the message that it sends…which is "out with the old and in with the new!"

Let's face it; people are all being fed junk food culture that is rotting our minds and taste. people are being led to believe what is important in the media's fickle eyes and people are taught to accept whatever they tell us to. Omitting options support this theory; of course most people are going to say that Spears is the next Madonna, who else could it be?

Christina Aguilera bitterly called Britney Spears a "fake" and claims that she has no real talent. Aguilera said about their performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards that Spears had to kiss Madonna at the awards because she needed a gimmick, "These people aren't artists, they're just performers - fake and superficial, like the entire event." Wait a minute…didn't Christina kiss Madonna, too? Maybe she is just mad because the Britney-Madonna kiss got more play than the kiss she shared with the Material Girl. Aguilera also said Spears "mimed" the performance (Berz, 2006).

Their rivalry ...
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