Compare And Contrast Two Stories

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Compare And Contrast Two Stories

Compare And Contrast Two Stories

Jack London, the famous American writer insisted on writing political essays in his times. He was among the most influential figures of his days, who understood how to create a public person and use the media to market his self created image of poor -boy -turned -success. One of his most remarkable works named "the call of the wild" (1903), is now accepted as a classic of world literature, one of the most widely translated and published books by an American writer.

The study of Jack London's work became a mirror of the turbulent Mc Carthy era and the distinct line between "right" and “left" intensified by the Cold War. This is the due in part to the London studies by Marxist and social critics who succeeded in maintaining a healthy debate around London's works that was more philosophical in nature and anti-theatrical to the London "myth" (intentional or not) created by many journalists and biographers.

At this point, no doubly, one must accept that there was an absolute naturalism in his essays. In his story named Law of Life he proves that he is a naturalist writer. The images that he describes, the settings, the content of the story have a perfect organization of naturalism. Naturalism in London's writings is a completely well developed and successful fact of his creativity. His mention on the description of the nature, natural events, like birth or death are of his personal literary ability and are evidences for how great his naturalistic skill of his writing is.

As London often did with other writers he read, he took their theories and incorporated into the world of his novels and short stories. Such as he has reflected Darwin's theory in his writing named Law of Life.

Charles Darwin, the great philosopher, was probably the pioneer person who influenced Jack London mostly. In London's works we can encounter many themes and many philosophies of Darwin.

The presence of Death in human beings' life is a matter of fact in the primary importance and this bias effected many writers of all times literature, as it did Jack London.

Jack London, from his youth to death was a pure socialist. In 1897 the socialist labor party of Oakland of which he had became a member, labeled him "Boy Socialist."

Jack London first became acquainted with ideals of socialism through the works of Karl Marx. For ...
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