Compare The Texas Constitution To The Constitution Of Louisiana

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Compare the Texas Constitution to the constitution of Louisiana

Answer 1

Texas adopted yet another new constitution; he became the twenty-eighth state to join. The Constitution of 1845, according to the Handbook of Texas Online, was the respect the Constitution of Texas because of its simplicity and directness. Even Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster, an opponent of statehood for Texas, said that the constitution of Texas was the best of the state constitution (Alvin, p. 201).

The creators of the Constitution of 1845 - which measured approximately twice the length of the Constitution of the Republic of Texas - reportedly drew heavily from the recently adopted constitution of Louisiana, as well as from the constitution drawn up by Texas Constitutional Convention in 1833. Like these, and the Constitution of the Republic of Texas, before she signs a new constitution separation of powers into three branches, a bicameral legislature, a democratic form of government, elected executive and legislative provisions, and appointed a judicial office.

Answer 2

This constitution is preserved homestead and community property, enshrined in the provisions of the previous Constitution. She got a long article on the General Provisions (the longest of the articles of the document), the majority of thirty-seven of which have imposed restrictions on legislative powers. Some of them - like forbidding legislation to allow individuals to issue promissory notes, checks, bills or other paper to circulate as money - were the changes necessary for entry into the Union and abide by the Constitution of the United States. Still others seemed to reflect the legendary aversion to the boundary of an activist government and populist concerns of the working man (Alvin, p. 201). Total accumulated national debt was limited to $ 100.000, except in case of war, insurrection or invasion. Equal and uniform taxation was necessary, but income and occupation taxes can ...
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