Comparison Between Franz Kafka's 'metamorphosis' And 'a Hunger Artist'

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Comparison between Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' and 'A Hunger Artist'


The “Metamorphosis” and "A Hunger creative person" are both works by Franz Kafka. The tales are alike in theme and are likely reflections of the author's person. The protagonists in "A Hunger Artist" and Metamorphosis are their own antagonists and origin their own destruction.

In The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa awakes to find himself transformed into an insect. The innovative moves on to tell the day-by-day labours of Gregor and minutia his alienation from humanity. Everyone, encompassing his own family, declines Gregor- "'Mother, Mother,' said Gregor softly . . . snapping his jaws some times in the air. At this his mother shouted once more, escaped from the table, and dropped into the arms of his father." The innovative finishes in Gregor's death- "'Come on and have a look, it's croaked; it's lying there, dead as a doornail!"

Gregor makes his own demise. He allows the rigors of his job and the pressures of his family to gradually consume away at his sole. He remarks soon after his transformation, "To the devil with it all!" Gregor despises his job as a traveling salesman where he should get up before dawn to journey- "'Oh God,' he considered, 'what a grueling job I've picked! Day in, day out - on the road.'" liability incurred by his family binds Gregor to his job-". . . once I've gotten the money together to pay off my parents' liability to him - that will likely take another five or six years - I'm going to do it without fail. Then I'm going to make the large-scale break."

"A Hunger Artist" notifies the article of a person who earns his living as a side-show kind proceed where he starves himself. The man is put in a cage under unchanging watch without nourishment for forty ...
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