Comparison Of Films

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Comparison of Films


The paper compares the movies: Gold Rush” and “Singing in the rain” keeping in view their execution and historical context and the popularity the gained through the satirical and the light screen play. Such comparison will give an understanding of the similarities and differences among the contemporary movies and their execution.

Gold Rush

The film tells the story of the gold diggers in Klondike, north-western Canada, in 1896. The story line stretches of miners dark in the snowy mountains. Charlot, lonely prospector, find refuge in an isolated cabin, where he was soon joined by Big Jim. Are hungry: to be eaten? A bear in the flesh is terminated by the dreadful dilemma. In the city, is seduced by Charlot Georgia, daughter of the saloon. She pretends to respond to his advances and accepts an invitation to dinner. However, she is failing, and the poor young man is alone, making its rolls. Big Jim, who has lost his memory during a fight, Charlie needs to find the exact location of the mountain of gold he had previously discovered. After assorted adventures, the two companions finally found mine (Brown,79). Becoming a billionaire, Charlie, on the occasion of a story, play the palms on the ship home. Georgia, overcome with remorse, and taking him for a rider, rushed to him and found fortune. The silent films were never really silent musical accompaniment performed live for the projections were a key element of the cinematic experience. The luxurious rooms of the monumental cities had their own orchestra of 60 musicians and more, specially arranged with partitions, although, of course, when he passed then in smaller rooms at the regional level, the film enjoyed more often than an improvised accompaniment on the piano, sometimes supported by a violin or percussion. As sensitive as a director Chaplin was highly aware of the immeasurable contribution that good music can add to a movie, just like a bad music could harm him (Brown, 9).

Music was an important place in the life of Chaplin. Young man, when he happened in the cabarets of England, he bought a violin and a cello and took classes with music directors of the theaters in which he played. Throughout his life, he was able to improvise at the piano very well, although he had never learned music theory. From his first talkie, The City Lights, he has always made all his music, working closely with arrangers and demanding. It is clear that even before that, from his earliest silent films, he was very interested in the musical arrangements of his films (Tookey, 37).

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain is a musical film American Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, released in 1952 In 1927, Don Lockwood, star of silent films, is to partner Lina Lamont, the voice of actress rattle. It is persuaded that the love relationship between them on the screen unit also in life. They have committed both by the studios Monumental Pictures. The days of silent films are counted out when ...
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