Comparison Of The Characteristics Of Mrs. Wright And Hamlet

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Comparison of the Characteristics of Mrs. Wright and Hamlet


Susan Glaspell is the writer of the poem the trifle which she wrote in 1916, she majorly symbolized that men do not appreciate the women (Glaspell, 2011). Trifles were “inequality of the sexes and the inability of women to live their own lives without reliance on men.” Mrs. Wright, in character she was a quiet and pitiful in nature. She used to live in a dull farmhouse with her husband. She posses the character of a most cheerful young lady when she had been in her youth before she got married. Where as Hamlet is the best dramatic character ever produced. From the second, we meet the unfortunate prince all get captivated by his smart power. Covered in his blue-black cloak, Hamlet is a man of serious contradictions; he is well-mannered yet rude, loving yet violent, careless yet alert (Mabillard, 2011).Thesis Statement

To compare and contrast two poems and their characters that differentiates joy and happiness with trouble and pain of life that how people face different situations in their lives.


In the poem trifle, Mrs. Wright has showed her love and affection as a woman that is, it can be said that woman love her husband in the same way as she expresses in her poem. She is expected to be silent and shy but, she expresses her love for her husband without being reserved. Her style seems to be very formal, even constricted. It is believed that emphasizes the fact she loves him more than she could ever express.

Where as, Hamlet undergoes his father's demise with righteous resentment and uncontrollable anger; however, he demonstrates no regret, when he is liable for the demises of the intrusive Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, and the preaching lord chamberlain, Polonius. He employs the innocent and fragile Ophelia as a means for his hatred towards the queen, and could not understand that his own forceful language has initiated her madness. Hamlet filled with errors. But, how is it that yet apparently depressing behaviors such as hesitancy, passion, hatred, violence, and rashness could improve Hamlet's importance as a tragic hero or a “prince among men.”


The life of Mrs. Wright illustrates the lady striving for her life she sings like a bird. She was very pretty and beautiful lady full for energy and liveliness once in her youth. The canary represents a property that was associated with this girl. Whenever any bird dies, her wisdom goes with that. She was being an extraordinary person had the habit of wrapping a dead bird in a cage, as along with killing her husband. But, it was uncertain that she killed her husband. The existence of the canary represents the sparkle of Mrs. Wright, trying to live. The bereavement of the bird denotes Mrs. Wright's end for a fight to live, and she lost her mental state and stabbed her husband to death.

While, the disguise of madness used by Hamlet in the play questions his motifs against the king and himself. He is arguably the most complicated, dramatic character ever created by William ...