Comparison Of The Play “hamlet” And The Film “the Lion King”

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Comparison of the play “Hamlet” and the film “The Lion King”


The Disney's film “The Lion King” and the play “Hamlet” is very closely related with each as both the film and play is based on the same plot. The play Hamlet revolves around the character Hamlet finding out the about the details of his father's death with the help of the ghost of his father. This made him mentally disturbed that he does not want to talk with anyone, if does those were with the intention to scoff at Ophelia, and spoke meanly with everyone around him. The discovery of his father's death made him in the state to take revenge. The unexpected distress and his plan caused mental illness upon Hamlet (Grene, Pp. 20).

Whereas in the movie “The Lion King” instead of people lions used, the main character “Simba,” who watches his father's being murdered by his uncle “Mufasa,” as “Simba” grew up, gradually he comprehend the details of the death of his father by his uncle. This distress made him in the urge to take revenge. Similarly, as happened in “Hamlet,” “Simba's” father's spirit helps him to reach his home, and declare his monarch as a king.


This is quite evident that both the play and the movie are based on the same plot, along with the same objective of taking revenge from the murderer of their fathers. “Simba” was the character with full of joy and zeal, his adulthood friends convinced him to be brave and has fun without any worries, but his childhood friends convinced him to confront his father's murderer (Irene, 1994).

Theme of both the Play and the Movie

The theme of the play “Hamlet” and the movie “The Lion King” is just to take revenge from the person and the lion in character that is responsible for the death of the father of “Hamlet” and ...
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