Comparison Of Two Pieces Of Art

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Comparison of Two Pieces of Art

Comparison of Two Pieces of Art


I have a passion for all forms of art and I chose to assess critically the methods and drawings of my favorite artist and another world famous painter. The artist's work I chose to analyze is Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, mainly focusing on Starry Night' by Van Gogh's 'and 'Persistence of time' by Dali's. Both the artists had an insightful impact on their designated period. Whilst, in the twentieth century, the themes of Van Gogh's shapes up on the foundation of expressionism; Dali has been known as the leader of the surrealist movement but afterwards developed an interest in the subjects of science and psychology, both factors have influenced their formal approach and belief in various unique ways. The main purpose of this research paper is highlighting the comparison and contrast between two paintings- 'Persistence of time' by Salvador Dali and' Starry Night' by Van Gogh.


The post- Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh is the most renowned and famous artist of all modern painters of Dutch. He began painting in the last ten years of his life. During these ten years, he made a total of nine hundred paintings. However, he was not able to sell even one of his paintings during his life. Yet now, his oil paintings and drawings are considered as the best known masterpieces and most expensive art works in the world (Thomson, 2008). Nearly all of his paintings can be distinguished through his unique style of using broad brushstrokes of thick impasto paints. These strokes are applied on the canvas by Van Gogh just like a sculptor slaps clay on to a relief. Amongst his 'Expressionism' models, the most significant of his masterpieces includes; The Potato Eaters, various sunflowers and The Starry Night and many other self portraits as well. His huge collection of art includes approximately nine hundred paintings, more than one thousand drawings and sketches which were mostly painted in the last ten years of his life. The impressionistic style of Van Gogh was immersed from the elite painters' artistic style of Paris. He personalized majority of their methods and then developed his unique and exceptional way of art. He changed his brushwork and his vision became less traditional while his tonalities lighter.

The oil painting 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh is thought as the most notable of his paintings. It illustrates a moonlit view in the neighborhood of Saint-Remy asylum. This is the place where he lived in for more than a year in his last phase of his life. This piece of art shows a night sky where the stars are aflame with their bright glow. It also shows the sky covered with swirling clouds and a bright crescent-shaped moon. The whole scenery provides a comfortable feeling for the viewer, despite the fact that the features of the paintings are exaggerated and overinflated (Solis, 2009). The eye of the viewer roams along the paintings and follows ...
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