Comparison Of Two Schools

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Comparison of Two Schools

Comparison of Two Schools

The two schools I will be analyzing for the work have a totally different dynamics. One of them is a Muslim high school which is totally base on old school style and serves its students in a fundamental way. Whereas, the other school uses a wireless networks that allow you to use your network devices anywhere in the school even from your terrace or garden. Hence, students will have access at any place to check their email or browse the Internet for research work. One can print via a wireless printer located in another room of the school. There is no need to drill holes in the walls and install Ethernet cables. You are on a network anywhere, without cables. Other than schools wireless networks are widely used in various places; however, wireless network has available connection points in public places such as cafes, businesses, hotel rooms and airports.

The primary feature of wireless network is that in places where there is, an architectural element of the school in which the institution does not provide a cable network, the task can handle the radio waves. Therefore, students will have the access of knowledgeable world of databases through which they can learn whenever they want to learn. A student during their recess sitting outside on a bench will have the ability to research for his assignment.

On the other hand, things are very different at the Muslim high school, as students have to carry books and always do their class work and home work in hand written form. They do not have access to perform their assignments efficiently and unable to gain information from everywhere in the school. To sum up, the students working at the modern school with the wireless connection have a great opportunity to excel in their lives. They have an edge over the students studying in the Muslim High school (Rakes, Fields, & Cox, 2006).

There is a vast difference between the two educational institutes. Firstly, one is a muslim school and the second one is technological equipped school that provides its students with a variety of facilitities to stay in touch through the internet. It also provides the students with technological advancement through which students can can assistance in their studies. When picking a school that best suits your child, parents look into the curriculum that is offered to the students as well as the extra curricular activities. Public schools vary widely in academics and extra-curricular activities, while private schools only provide the necessary classes required by the state. In some private schools, home economics and shop classes are not even offered. Unlike public schools, these classes are offered as early as fifth grade and up. Public schools offer a general program, designed for all children, which usually includes math, English, reading, writing, science, history, and gym. Also, most schools offer music and art. On the other hand, private schools have the flexibility to create a specialized program for ...
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