Comparission Of The Odyssey With Dante's Inferno

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Comparission of the Odyssey with Dante's Inferno

Comparission of the Odyssey with Dante's Inferno


This poem is usually related to Homer. This poem mainly focuses on a Greek hero named Odysseus. This character is also known as Ulysses in the Roman myths. This character has been associated with the character that walks a long journey towards home after Troy has fallen (Homer, 800BC). The time period during which this character completed his journey is stated to be 10 years after the end of the Trojan War. On the other hand, comparissio of Odssey is being made with Dante's Inferno, who is conidered to be a well known literaturer of his time. This journey of this great peot comprises of nine circles of hell, that was initially started during the early period of 1300 century, when he with his close companion started their journey of world filled with different shades, terrible torture.


Comparission of the Odyssey with Dante's Inferno

In this section the writer will compare the literature of both well known person that has provided immense knowledge of the worldthrough their experience. Firstly, The poet has depicted a plot in which the Greek hero Odysseus is returning to home after ten years from the fall of Troy. It takes him ten long years to reach home (Homer, 800BC). While eh is away, the people back in Ithaca assume that he has died. This leads to many suitors coming forward to ask his wife to marry them. They over run his palace and pillage his land. Whoever, his wife remains loyal to him and rejects their proposals. His son desires to throw them out but doe snort have the experience to fight with them. One of these suitors plans to kill his son and thereby eliminate the only opposition left to their domination over ...
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