Comparsion And Contrast Essay

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comparsion and contrast essay


The purpose of the essay is to compare and contrast the isolation of the leading roles from the world and closed relatives in the story Sonny's Blues and The Yellow Wallpaper. With the help of the discussion, we will try to reach a poignant conclusion.

Compare and Contrast Essay


The two stories selected for the topic are 'Sonny's Blue' & 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. Sonny's Blues are a short story by James Baldwin. It was initially published in 1957 and subsequently in 1965(Going to meet the Man). The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story by Charlotte P. Gilman, initially published in 1892 in the New England Magazine. The purpose of the essay is to compare and contrast the Protagonists' isolation from the world and the people around them from two stories. The two central characters of the two stories are Sonny, brother of the narrator and protagonist herself as a narrator who is the wife of John. The discussion below will highlight isolations of the two main characters from their own family members, which is his brother in case of Sonny, and her husband in case of John's wife. Our comparison will show us that both characters have lived the life in isolation due to contrasting circumstances.


The two characters have lived different suffering, which led them, to their isolation. Sonny was a son of a drunken father. Narrated by his brother, he is described as heroin addicted and wild. He has a passion for art. Unlike his brother, who kept all his suffering locked, Sonny has a more intense sense of hardships of life. One of the primary reasons of his suffering is the discrimination against black in America. The condition of African American has deeply shaken him. It made him aloof and quite by nature. ...