Compensation Plan Hss

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Compensation Plan of HSS

Compensation Plan of HSS

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the oldest orthopedic clinic in this country. Few decades ago, with infection, scarcity, and job loss rampant in New York City, a juvenile unidentified doctor, a general practitioner from Maryland, James Knight, was adept to convince a assembly of famous localized people to set up a humanity for carrying an orthopedic hospital. Miraculously, the article has been maintained over the past 142 years in initial persevering notes, compelled yearly accounts of the Board of Managers, well-preserved texts, photos, bulletin clippings, publications, and vintage books.

Only in the past 2 years has all this material been (and is being) assembled, catalogued, refurbished, and brandished to employees, patients, relations, and associates through the formation of the Archives of Hospital for Special Surgery in the Kim Barrett Memorial Medical Library of the hospital. Currently, rotating displays are present in two Archives showcases in the clinic, one in the front petition and the other in the fourth floor Atrium, a waiting locality for relations and associates of patients undergoing surgery. An Archives Committee encounters frequently to manage the main heading and advancement of the Archives.

Workers' compensation is the oldest type of social insurance. It is a “no fault” system for offering financial benefits and medical services for those suffering from work-related injuries in an industrialized society where such injuries regularly occur. Unlike tort or negligence law, the goal of workers' compensation is assistance to injured workers and prevention of poverty, instead of resolving disputes or placing blame. The cost of the program is eventually passed on to consumers through insurance premiums included in the cost of production or of doing business.

Compensation encompasses myriad schemes that HSS use for providing its employees money in return for their labor. When designing and implementing ...
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