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Q NO 1

My recommendation for the company would e to use a database management system. This database management system would bring a list of benefits for the company which includes;

Abstraction of information

DBMS users to save details about the physical storage of data. It does not matter if a database occupies one or hundreds of files, this fact is transparent to the user. Thus, defines various levels of abstraction.


In those cases where it has not succeeded in eliminating redundancy, will require monitoring that is repeated information that is updated consistently, ie, all repeated entries are updated simultaneously. Moreover, the database represents a certain reality that has certain conditions, for example, that children cannot have driver's license. The system should accept data from a driver under age. In DBMS there are tools that facilitate the programming of such conditions (Dhawan, 2010).


The information stored in a database can have a great value. The DBMS must ensure that this information is secure permissions to users and user groups, which allow different categories of licenses granted.

Management transactions

A transaction is a program that runs as a single operation. This means that after an execution in which a fault is the same as would be obtained if the program has not been executed. The DBMS provides mechanisms to schedule changes to the data in a much simpler than if they were not available.


This will enable the company to identify alerts such as low stock, and expiration date of the products.

The roadblocks that could halt the process of introducing DBMS in the company would be the presence of people having less amount of technical knowledge regarding the operating of the software.

However, this issue can very easily be resolved as the company can hire an individual possessing technical knowledge on who can perfectly operate the software, or they train the current employees (Pathak, 2008).

Q NO 2

First of all, I would look to create suitable key word as writing the whole word “World Wide Web to find an article in Information Week regarding the effectiveness of laptop hard drive encryption in preventing data loss” would not e effective, and the search engine might not yield any result due to the abnormal lent of the search keyword. So, to overcome this issue, I would simply use a keyword, “/information week World Wide Web Articles on effectiveness of laptop hard drives”.

The potential road locks which could arise during the search are as follows:

Due to limited internet access, I might not be able to access all the sites listed by the search engine

Some of the useful sites containing the information that is useful regarding the topic might contain spam, and malware, and might be dangerous to access.

However, even before I begin searching on the internet I already knew that these of potential roadblocks are going to come in my way. I have already devised a solution for these issues:

I would ask t network department, to unblock the IP's of some of the internet sites for the time being, ...
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