Computer Crimes Caused By Pedophiles On The Internet

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Computer Crimes Caused by Pedophiles on the Internet

Computer Crimes Caused by Pedophiles on the Internet


There are those who display behavior that is deviant by acting and dressing in a way that is different to what is, considered normal and the values of the society. Deviant groups are generally legal, however in some cases the way they act results in an activity that is a crime. When groups of people share this behavior then they develop their own norms and values forming a subculture. Crime is behavior that breaks the law and considered criminal behavior. This includes all those activities that are not in accordance with the legal system of the country. For instance murder, theft sexual harassment etc. Crime in every society is disapproved and punished and is illegal.

Pedophilia and Personality Traits of a Child Molester

Opposite to those who rape and are sex offenders, offenses that take place on the internet do not include any form of physical contact from the victim and may include visual contact to an extent. This type of offense is a new type, called noncontact offending which includes offenses like indecent exposure of body, voyeurism etc. Just the medium has changed as offenders can now locate their victims on the web who seem to have potential without having to leave the safety of their residence. They criminal offends by initially engaging in a process of exploitation online by luring the child with the intention that he would engage in not just on line activity but also offline sexual activity (Medaris & Girouard, 2002).

The offender tends to believe that he is performing and operating anonymously, and continues to communicate with more than one child at a time, over chat rooms using up more than one at a single time, without numerous fake identities and profile names. This is why law enforcement agencies have been concerned with access being unfettered and how the internet provides a chance to others to be anonymous and take up fake identities to those people who intend to exploit the children and are capable of misrepresenting themselves using fake profile names (Finkelhor, Mitchell, & Wolak, 2000).

The internet nowadays has given introduction to a new medium and source for criminals to act out which has resulted in more sex offenders that never existed in this frequency earlier, now prowling the web looking for youth they could exploit and lure. These adults are sex offenders of the noncontact kind as long as it is all over the internet have found the platform of internet chat rooms where they engage with children in sexual behavior. Earlier studies have shown and evaluated chat room sex offenders who have studied based on the victim and data of law enforcement, though studies and literature is limited and involves little number of participants who are willing to cooperate. Sex offenders are whether over the internet or by physically harassing are committing a crime. Crime is behavior that breaks the law and considered criminal ...