Computer Forensics

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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Describe the Company

Intergalactic Security and Relations Branch is a computer forensic company, its head quarters is in Utah. It uses the most up-to-date tools for it's digital investigations There are a number of key areas that an organisation needs to think about when considering protection, including investment in prevention and detection systems (e.g. firewalls), education of its employees, and keeping its software up to date (Vacca, 2005).

In the organisation, we have invested heavily in hardening the perimeter environment of our client's networks to ensure we provide the best prevention and protection possible. Investment in routers, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention equipment, and perimeter security measures, helps us protect our clients against attacks(Kirby, 2000).

What They Do

Intergalactic Security and Relations Branch has lead the way the in the field of digital investigations for over 20 years, providing the tools and guidance which helping law enforcement, government organization and firms to carry out their investigations by computer investigations at a rapid speed. It is known globally as the leader in computer forensics.

Intergalactic Security and Relations Branch provides up to date solutions regarding the following:

* computer forensic

* network forensic,

* eDiscovery,

* password cracking

* decryption

Its Forensic Toolkit along with network-enabled enterprise solutions helps firms to preview, investigate, forensically maintain, develop, examine and generate electronic data. Their solutions solve all the issues regarding criminal and internal investigations, responses given to the incident, eDiscovery and assurance of data.

Intergalactic Security and Relations Branch Lab provides both executives and investigators the tools which are required to speed the work in their cases. They basically are an investigative platform which allows distribution of labor, collaborative analysis and central case and management of multiple tasks, thus significantly reorganizing the entire investigative method. Moreover, they help in distributed processing, thus letting organizations use extra hardware to significantly increase their speed of processing.

Their numerous investigators are can analyze more then one on a case at a time, while each of then focus on their own strengths. For example, an investigator who is mainly an expert at email investigations can shift his entire attention to email whereas other analysts can focus completely on graphics or Internet artifacts. By means of this well organized approach, important cases may be solved at a rapid speed, which is quite impossible for a single investigator to do so. Whilst this platform promotes the concept of teamwork, investigators can still work at a whole case right from the start at their own desks(Lyman, 2001).

Equipment Needed For Lab

Most of the equipment in the labs consists of highly powered computers and powerful and spontaneous web-based review functionality, in-depth distributed processing aptitude by means of a central processing farm, and a central database infrastructure. Their labs handle a lot of cases consisting of huge data sets , this assists companies in their distributed processing and collaborative analysis abilities which are found in the forensic tool kit which they use in the labs

Apart from this they also use the DIBS Advanced Forensic Workstation, this is basically ...
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