Computer Networking And Management

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Computer Networking and Management

Computer Networking and Management


Network is the Practice of Linking computing devices together with hardware and software that supports data communications across these devices. Computer networks can be separated into several categories. The that the three are used most often are LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks), but there will also be a brief look at the other networks that are available. Another section that will be discussed is the the difference between wireless and wired networks and which is better. The basic principal is to inform you the reader of what is really going on inside these companies, and even in your homes.

What is a firewall? In network security, firewall is the first line of defense to protect your personal information. "A firewall is located at the intersection point or gateway between two networks, which are often private networks and public networks, such as the Internet. This system is designed to prevent access to some or from another network. It has two mechanisms, and their locks or permit access (Camp, 2002, pp.56-80). What is a firewall protect against? Some firewalls only allow access to e-mail through it, so it protects the entire network from any attacks, except for attacks by mail. Other firewalls may have less protection, but a block that is known to be the problem. Typically, firewalls are configured to block unauthenticated interactive entrances on the Internet, which helps to prevent others from destroying or stealing data from your computer. Some of the more advanced firewalls will not only block access from the Internet to a computer, they will also allow the computer to communicate freely on the Internet. Another important firewalls is that it can provide us a place where we can impose security and audit. It also contains important username and audit information, which helps the administrator to know what the traffic pass through it, and attempts to break it (Camp, 2002, pp.56-80). The firewall logs are so important that they can be used as evidence in most of the courts. Packet Filtering Routers Packet filtering router to allow / deny decision for each packet that it receives (Y. Bartal, 1999, pp. 17-31). The router examines each datagram to determine whether it matches one of the packet filtering rules. Filtering rules based on packet header information that is available for IP forwarding process. This information includes the IP source address, IP destination address, encapsulated protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP or IP tunnel), TCP / UDP source port, TCP / UDP destination port, the type of ICMP message, the incoming and outgoing interface packet interface packet. If the file is found, and the rules for resolving packet, the packet is transmitted according to the information in the routing table. If the file is found, and the rule denies the packet, the packet is discarded. If no match rule, user-configurable default parameter determines whether the packet is sent or discarded (Lowe, 2004, ...
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