Conflict Journal Reflection

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Conflict Journal Reflection

Conflict Journal Reflection


Acertain grade of confrontation is creative, but too much is undesirable. That's the good thing, given that we as Bosss are responsible for responding to workplace conflict in an effective and timely manner. We can do so with negligible tension if we keep in brain that there are only two general categories of worker conflicts. (Alexander 1998:12)

Workplace Conflict

Do this in the group meeting or with specific individuals needing the dose of behaviour management. Active behavioural management strategies are of utmost importance to create kind of work culture desired by managers. Example: "Whatever you do as an employee of our organization, habitually be cognizant how your phrases and demeanour sway others. Know that you will be held accountable for both your words and behaviour." A diversity of perceptions, thoughts, communication and behaviour is natural. However, in this work environment, behaviour must fall within range of acceptable behaviours. Yelling, gossiping, denying to help peers and so on, will not be allowed. After all, people behave in certain acceptable ways at Thanksgiving dinner, in church or in the restaurant. Send message, then act accordingly to create culture your organization desires. (Robbins 1997:12-50)

School Conflict

Conflict can be defined as the negative emotional state caused by having to choose between two or more incompatible goals or impulses. Conflict can be the major factor for cause of stress. It depends on complexity of conflict itself to determine how much stress it has produced, but there is the lot more to it. There are three distinct types of confrontations that are all very different. These types of confrontation have very distinct outcomes from one another. Some are sure to have positive outcomes, while some are certain to have negative outcomes and some can have both. (Deery 2001:46-80)

The first kind is approach-approach conflict. ...
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