Conflict Management Group Experience

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Conflict management group experience

Conflict management group experience

Conflict management course, was not only a course was required to take in my major, but a great opportunity to gain new skills which could help us in dealing with our daily life conflicts. With only eight creative steps, many things could change and bad things could turn to good things. However, we should learn about these steps very well, improve it as much as we can to reach to our goal by the end. During this course, we had to work as groups of 6 girls in each group for preparing a micro campaign to take the ideas of what we have done and what we had learn in conflict management class so far. In this paper, I am going to talk about my group work experience we did during the campaign which aims to educate people and provide them with the best 8 solving steps that we have learned from conflict management course, with using the eight steps to deal with conflicts in our group work.

To start with, Girls were chosen randomly to work on campaign, our group members including me are Fatma Khalifa, Maryam Ebrahim, Alia Ali, Hessa Saleh and Eman Ali. Fatma and Eman were my friends already that are why I felt more comfortable to deal with them. About the others, we started to know each other more and more during the meetings. My first impression about them was good and that helped me in aiming to do a great job together. We choose a right times for meetings which suited everyone in the group that how we create a good atmosphere .We decided to chose Maryam became our group leader, for the great skills she have with dealing she is friendlier and luckily she knows the group members from other classes she had took with them. I would truly say that we didn't have a clear idea about the whole campaign thing in the beginning and we were confused about it, till we ask our sir again and ask the classmates what they understood till we got it.

We sat together thinking of how we do a creative campaign with including the ideas of the 8 steps. Coming to the logo, one girl wanted to make the logo so simple her idea to do it as it looks like a student I'd, with a little change which is have or putting our campaign logo picture instead of our pictures and the 8 steps will be listed in 8 ID's .However, another girl came with other idea which was to create different characters presented by puppets will be better. Day by day we collected the ideas we have got together and till we had the main campaign idea. Which was to have 6 different puppets to act and resolve the conflicts with using and explaining the 8 steps that are, creating an effective atmosphere, clarify perceptions, focus in individual and shared needs, build shared positive power, look to the future ...
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