Construction And Building Designs For Earthquakes In California

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Construction and Building Designs for Earthquakes in California

Construction and Building Designs for Earthquakes in California


Most scientists and researchers believe that the earth's crust is made up of huge slabs of rock usually referred to as 'plates'. These plates could vary in size ranging from a small city to the size of a whole region. When these plates slip by each other; tension builds up. The tension created is released in the form of jerks or shock waves, which we refer to as an earthquake. Due to this movement - earthquakes are caused. Earthquakes usually occur along a fault — which is primarily caused due to a crack in the earth's crust. California is considered as one of the most earthquake sensitive regions in the United States. Their high frequency has forced the authorities and the Government to take numerous steps in order to minimize their damage and to educate its inhabitants about the issue (Joyce, 2009).


In the state of California earthquakes are quite common. According to an estimate, a little over 40 moderate and thousands of minor earthquakes occur in California each year. In the United States, California is considered as one of the most sensitive area to earthquakes.

The increasing frequency of earthquakes has sparked an interest in researchers and scientists alike. Despite all the research and hefty budgets spent each year; there is little human beings can do against Mother Nature (Farquhar, 1965). People cannot do much to control the destruction caused by an earthquake.. Although, certain precautions can be taken to control the amount of damage and danger posed by an earthquake. Construction and Designs for earthquakes in California The state of California is home to some skyscrapers and many corporate buildings. The danger of earthquakes and its consequences; has led to the implementation of certain laws regarding construction. ...
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