Contemporary Executive Leadership In America

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Contemporary Executive Leadership in America


America is an extraordinary nation - a nation strong, prosperous and good - unique in its dedication to the principles of liberty and constitutional self-government. When asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention had designed, Benjamin Franklin replied saying: "A republic - if you can maintain." To keep our freedom intact, it is essential that Americans understand and preserve the principles behind freedom.

Capricious global politics and the established status of America as the super power has put increasing pressure on the American leadership to effectively lead the democratic and diversified nation and at the same time sustain its important role in world politics.

American presidents right from Clinton up to Obama have sought to maintain the same status. In this paper, we view their contribution to national and international politics, and review their policies and implications. The foreign policy of the United States is determined by the President and implemented by the State Department headed by Secretary of State .

The United States carried out a complex foreign policy , which enshrines the basic principles of "building safer world" and "spreading democracy for the benefit of the American people and the international community". The United States has played a vital role in international relations, have the most advanced in the world network of diplomatic missions. United States - a founding member of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Alliance , a member of the UN Security Council . U.S. diplomacy has been very active in the resolution of almost all international conflicts and disputes.

Bill Clinton

In 1990, Clinton led the Democratic leadership Council (Democratic Leadership Council) - an organization advocating the shift of the positions the party to the political center. In 1992 he took part in the presidential election and defeated incumbent President George HW Bush and billionaire Ross Perot (Ross Perot), acts as an independent candidate. Clinton and his running mate, Senator from Tennessee , Al Gore (Albert Gore) received 43 percent of the votes and 68.7 percent of the electoral votes(Emmett 2007)


Clinton's first term was marked by both successes and failures. Planned administration of health care reform, which lead in 1993, was charged Hillary Clinton failed, and in 1994 the Republicans won the midterm congressional elections. In addition, Clinton was unable to implement the initiative to resolve the open homosexuals to serve in the army. On the other hand, the president has made the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA), as well as the Dayton Peace Accords to resolve the Balkan conflict and the conclusion of the Oslo peace Israeli-Palestinian agreement. In 1996, Clinton again won the presidential election with 49.2 percent of the vote and 70.4 percent of the electoral votes. Clinton's opponents were Republican Sen. Bob Dole (Bob Dole) and Ross Perot(Barbara 2001).

During Clinton's second term as president the U.S. pursued a fairly aggressive foreign policy. He succeeded in expanding NATO into Eastern ...
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