Contemporary Issues In Business

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Contemporary Issues in Business

Contemporary Issues in Business

Question 1 China and India are two of the fastest growing economies in the world today. Identify the reasons for china's rapid growth and briefly discuss the impact of growth on organisation.

In the recent times, there have been many successions around the world, but most notable examples are of China and India; these two countries stand out among all the countries of the world. Both countries are the biggest giants with respect to the overall economy size. People have been discussion much concerning China and India, as both the countries encompass recently experienced a very rapid growth. The area of the rapid growth resulted in noteworthy achievements. The most important feature that lead China and India to swift economic growth were:

Cheap labour;

Agricultural reform - most important to providing the opportunity of the economy to foreign investors;

Government policy;

Foreign investment in technology;

Investments in education, particularly industrial methods teaching

India and China have the similar problems and a challenge in the context of the rapid growth for instances broaden the rural-urban income gap and ecological dreadful conditions. These countries have experienced the rapid growth in the agricultural sector as for the reason of implementing the “Green revolution,” that resulted in the growth of the industry as well as impacted greatly in declining the poverty. Thus, the relative income per capita increase which opened up new doors for investment, and trade, in addition to creating, and increasing demand for food and changes in the consumption pattern were quite noticeable.

China and India have demonstrated a vast advancement and a rapid growth in the economy, and as a result of which they have affected the balances and the directions of investments and trades, and the opportunities linking them. China and India have large sectors as far as agriculture concerned, Chinese experience have demonstrated that the agriculture has engaged in recreation a most vital role in the advancements of the growth, though India is not as industrialized as China.

There is possible to illustrate lessons from the developmental experience of both China and India, i.e. how they have acted in response to modification with admiration to trade liberalization, globalization, agriculture, rural development and poverty abolition notwithstanding their complementary come within reach to development. In further elaboration, China and India has come into sight as a central player in the field of research and technology generation with respect to the agricultural sector.

Question 2 for the organisation to be successful, they have to become extremely learning organisation. Recommend the actions that organizations must take in order to become a truly learning organisation.

Learning organization is a form of organization that focuses on managing the exchange of knowledge at all levels, hierarchical and practical business. This type of business organization is assumed that the knowledge accumulated in the employee only has value if it flows, from individual to individual, from group to group, from organization to organization. The basic definition is: the learning organization is one that facilitates the learning of all its ...
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