Content Management System

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Content Management System


In this study we try to explore the concept of Content Management System in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on the importance of content management system and its relation with a small computer business. The research also analyzes many aspects of content management system and tries to gauge its effect on small business like a computer shop.

Content Management System

Aims and objectives

Research is a process that, by applying the scientific method attempts to obtain relevant and reliable (credible and credit), to understand, verify, correct or apply knowledge.

To get any results clearly and accurately is necessary to apply some type of research, research is closely linked to humans, and this has a series of steps to achieve the stated goal or to reach the requested information. The research is based on the scientific method and this method is the systematic study of nature, including observation techniques, rules for reasoning and prediction, ideas about the planned experiments and ways to communicate the results of experimental and theoretical.

Furthermore, research has a number of features that help the researcher to effectively govern the same. The research is so compact that has forms, elements, processes, different types, among others. Research is essential for the student and professional, this is part of the career path before, during and after achieving the profession, and she joins us from the beginning of the studies and life itself. For all types of research is a process and clear objectives.

The research helps us to improve the study because it allows us to establish contact with reality so that we know best, the purpose of this is to formulate new theories or modify existing ones, to increase knowledge, is the way to get draw theories.

The research activity is conducted efficiently through a series of elements that make the subject accessible to knowledge and whose wise choice and implementation will depend to a large extent the success of research work.

Search activity is characterized by being reflective, systematic and methodical aims to gain knowledge and solve scientific, philosophical or empirical, technical, and develops through a process. Scientific research is the deliberate search for knowledge or solutions to scientific problems, the scientific method shows the way to be journeying in that investigation and the techniques needed a way to cross it.

It is necessary to establish the aims to research, i.e. what their objectives. There is research that seeks, above all, help to solve a problem especially in this case should be mentioned what is and how it is intended that the study help solve, and others that are intended primarily to test a theory or provide empirical evidence in favour of it. The objectives should be expressed clearly to avoid possible deviations in the process quantitative research and be capable of being achieved; are study guides and there have them present throughout its development. Clearly, the objectives specify required to be consistent with each ...
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