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Strategic Command provides vision and direction and purpose, growth and success of these areas for the company. It also started the "outside the box" thinking to generate growth in the future. Strategic leadership on business strategies is small. Instead, it provides a framework that companies develop strategies and create value. In short, strategic leadership to respond to two questions:

Q: What is - providing vision and guidance, and create environment for growth and

Q: How can we - the road map plan for the organization in its full potential by developing your portfolio publishing company, and determine what should be in companies, the requirements for the business performance of what is is, what kind of unity, meaning, and methods of detection (culture, values and ways to work together) needed to achieve the company vision and goals.

In a new era. Rapid changes and knowledge-based institutions, and office leadership is increasingly important. Led the main force behind the change is successful.

Staff leaders to work on this prospect. They run through inspiration and develop implementation capacity networks through a complex network of relations of movement commitment.

The business environment increasingly turbulent and competitive with today, a new type of leader, "Entrepreneurship" is distinct from other forms of behavior management leadership is essential.

Both management and strategic entrepreneurship, coupled with the decisions general managers who are responsible for the company as a whole. Although the strategic direction is linked to factors that affect business performance (eg, strategy, environment and sustainable sources of competitive advantage), business (accounting firms and independent 'entrepreneurial companies) for the process leading to the creation of the company. In addition, companies focused on growth and innovation, while management focuses on strategic competitive advantage. However, the most convincing integration of entrepreneurship and strategic management is to create wealth (Ireland, hat, Camp and Sexton, 2001).

Therefore, entrepreneurship and strategic actions based on wealth creation. entrepreneurial actions fundamental behavior of firms in which they move into new markets, attract new customers, and to combine existing resources in new ways (Smith and Gregorio, 2000). As the context of entrepreneurship is primarily concerned with the identification of market opportunities and create a set of resources through which they can be used. Entrepreneurship as components of attitude and behavior. Lyon, Lumpkin and Dess (2000) predicts that the dawn of the 21st century, many companies in virtually all industries to discuss business activities is essential if they are to survive in a world increasingly at the expense of accelerating change.

Moreover, measures have been taken to select and implement the business strategy. Increasingly, organizations in a competitive world, many strategic actions are based on the achievement of business opportunities through business activities. Strategic actions provide the context in which innovations are developed and Trade (cap, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 2001). Therefore, there are intersections between entrepreneurship and strategic management. The concept of this intersection shows that successful integration between action and improve the company's strategic ability to grow and create ...
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