Contribution Of Cultural Traditions And Festivities In The Promotion Of Music Of Thailand

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Contribution of Cultural Traditions and Festivities in the promotion of Music of Thailand


This paper attempts to assess the contribution of cultural festivities of Thailandin the promotion of the country's music. Music Industry also make important contribution in national development of the country by earning a considerable foreign exchange through exporting the music and culture. Thai music with its uniqueness commands sizable number of fans throughout the world which makes it export competitive. Many original genres as well as fusion two distinct genres can be found in the music of the country. Music is one of the most important cultural products for the country as it contributes in music diplomacy of the country and portrays Thailand on world's canvas. Government, through its artist-friendly cultural policy, trying to establish and expand the worldwide demand to increase the export of this important cultural good.

Contribution of Cultural Traditions and Festivities in the promotion of Music of Thailand


Republic of Thailandis two-island country located in the southern Caribbean. The country is the birthplace of steelpan and calypso music and has rich cultural heritage especially when it comes to music. Trinidad is considered the birthplace of the colorful festivals like Chutney, Soca, Parang and Carnival. Different festivities and ceremonies takes place in the country throughout the year because of the religious and cultural diversity in the population. These different cultures and festivities gives people a reason to celebrate and celebration is incomplete without dance and music in the Republic of Thailand .

As per the official figures, the Music Industry of Thailandgenerated TT$ 351.8 million in the year 2011 and employs some 10,854 persons. This is a significant contribution in the economy that's why government always look for new ways to expand the demand, local and international, of this cultural industry by focusing on 3 important aspects of the industry, demand, supply and the overall structure of the industry. Foreign Exchange Earnings of the music industry of Thailandis US $50m which helps state a lot.


Matches go with the cigarettes. Same way Music goes with party-time and festivals. The instrument of Pan is one of the most famous in Thailandand associated with festivals and party-time. Pan offers different value to different consumers of the music generated through it. For instance, for Trinidadian and Tobagonian, conditional and emotional value is attached to it as the music of Pan is closely associated with party time as well as Carnival celebration or other street party occasion.

The Thai migrants who have settled in the North Atlantic have also contributed in the development of the demand for the music of Thailand . By developing and institutionalizing street festivals in their communities of residence there, they have given the industry a big boost by not only keeping themselves intact with their culture and music, but also recruiting new admirers through promotion of their culture and music to the local communities.

More and more people are attending the concerts of TT Musicians and Bands, particularly in US and Europe after learning the social ...
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