Corporate Governance Affects Internationalization

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[How does the Corporate Governance affect internationalization, globalisation and performance of firms?]

Chapter 1: Introduction


In recent years, multinational companies (e.g. Marks and Spencer) have their presence in the world expands, carrying a variety of activities for a variety of purposes. In this case, these companies have had different geographical forces, product management, market and technology, interact and become more complex on a global scale. (Denis and McConnell 2003 p.36)

For those activities with the appropriate balance of transparency and efficiency and accountability and growth requires a well-prepared plan to strategically plot on workers governance mechanisms and control mechanisms and how they should be used. The focus of the entire leadership of the international business is corporate governance, the rate is market-oriented, culture-based and discipline-based mechanisms induce make self-interested managers decisions, maximize the value of the enterprise to its key stakeholders (especially shareholders) and the corporate accountability, the set of institutional and accounting systems, improved disclosure transparent and responsive support for entrepreneurial activities, strategic decision making and financial information. (Bushman 2001 p.237)

Problem statement

The problem statement for this study is to see how corporate governance has developed over the years in terms of disclosure. Globalization and the affect corporate governance have on companies such Marks and Spencer.


The purpose of this study is to see the strict corporate governance guidelines and increased disclosures that have affected the way in which Marks and Spencer has improved their annual reports. How globalization and the effect of corporate governance have on companies such as Marks and Spencer.

Rationale of the study

The current research on international corporate governance and accountability focused almost entirely on the macro or national level analysis, the various countries of the corporate governance and accountability systems and the possible impact of the institutional and legal frameworks (e.g., political structures, legal systems, rights compares protect the rights of investors' rights and legal frameworks) for corporate governance and accountability structures and effectiveness. (Bushman 2001 p.237)

Aims and objectives

The aim and objectives is to see the development of Corporate Governance over the years in terms of disclosure. The affect corporate governance has on internationalization and globalization?

Significance of the study

The above research does not examine micro-or enterprise-level insights, such as a Marks and Spencer globalization affects behaviour of corporate governance and accountability. To address these problems, this paper proposes that are characterized by Marks and Spencer, Corporate governance and accountability systems through their globalization scale, local responsiveness, foreign competition, and international experience. (Andersen 1993 p.231) Normative, should the structure of corporate governance and accountability with this company right level globalization features are aligned.

Research questions

How has Corporate Governance developed over the years in terms of disclosure?

What affect does corporate governance has on Internationalization and Globalization?

How has strict corporate governance guidelines and increased disclosure affected the way in which Marks and Spencer has improved their annual reports?

To what extent has Mark and Spencer complied with the Combined Corporate Governance Guidelines

How has increased compliance helped Marks and Spencer to become global leader in retailing?

Has Compliance ...
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