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Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting

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To: Non-Executive Director (NED)

Subject: Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting



Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or Development in environmental practices is an organization's mission to make a positive impact on the stakeholders, employees, environment, consumers, and investors. According to Aras and Crowther CSR has now become the most important concern for the companies and is now embedding in their basic structure. It helps to create better relationship between corporate responsibility, corporate governance as well as business development and performance (Aras and Crowther, 2009, pp.270). It is also concerned with the Business ethics, environmental protection, well being of employees, and establishing relationship with community and civil society. Carroll and Buchholtz define CSR as an expectation that a society develop with the organizations. It is associated with the economy, legislation, ethics and other public concerns. So, it is now organizations' basic task not to neglect their expectations by violating any of these aspects (Carroll and Buchholtz ,2003, pp. 36).

In today's globalized world, Corporations are regarded as a separate entity which cannot exist in isolation being detached from the society. Organizations have various social, ethical, moral and legal responsibilities to their stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers, as well as to the local and federal government, state and the whole society. Legal responsibilities require organizations to operate their activities without violating the laws of a state. According to Horrigan(2010), “many elements of business case for CSR are themselves multi-dimensional in character” (pp.274).Social, ethical and moral responsibilities demand to follow the norms of a society, protecting rights of other citizens and providing benefits to the community.

Environmental reporting is also an important aspect of CSR, The measures taken by an organization to contribute in the benefits of community is also very important Backman, J. (1975). Social and environmental reporting is now considered as the most important part in the disclosure of company's annual report.


Steiner, G. A. (1971) discussed the basics of business and society according to which business and society has a very strong relationship. As a leading international tobacco company, it is our basic responsibility to concern about social and environmental protection. We believe that use of tobacco is not good for health; our basic concern is to produce best quality products. We keep tight control and maintain proper check and balance on our global network of distributors. We strictly follow the rules of global law enforcement agencies to avoid illegal operations. We also focus on our sales growth drivers to achieve high profit margin as well as consumer excellence. To achieve all our targets and perform the social corporate responsibilities and development in environmental practices, our company follows ISO 26000 which is a recognized international standard for CSR.

This briefing report will serve to explain the following issues:

The current general position with regard to CSR and environmental reporting including supporting regulatory and voluntary initiatives.

The current specific position of our company with regard to CSR and environmental reporting with suggestions for the improvement and development in ...
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