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Why do people traval of the sake of Cosmetic surgery?


This study reviews marketing research published in selected hospitality and tourism journals for the period of 2002-2003. The review includes summaries of research topics, industry applications, and methods of study design and data analyses. Significant topical research trends are identified and discussed to raise issues for future research. Included also are the industry-specific current trends and issues that dictate immediate research attention. The gaps between hospitality and tourism marketing research and industry's research needs are addressed to encourage additional research on neglected topics. The study concludes with general suggestions for future hospitality and tourism marketing research.

Table of contents


Table of contents3


Literature Review5



Methodological review11


Consumer relationship marketing/management and loyalty16

Electronic marketing and e-commerce research18

Motivation, choice, perceptions, and performance evaluations19

Sales, demand, and capacity management22

Pricing and revenue/yield management23

Discussion and conclusion25


Why do people traval of the sake of Cosmetic surgery?


This study aims to review recent significant developments in hospitality and tourism marketing research and practices. To this end, we first reviewed 223 marketing-focused articles published in eight journals in 2002-2003, four of the journals being rather “hospitality-oriented” (hereafter, “hospitality” journals) and the other four rather “tourism-oriented” (“tourism” journals). The hospitality journals included for similar review purposes.

This study could serve as an extended update on Bowen and Sparks' (1998) review that focused on nine topical areas of “hospitality” marketing. The review results are presented by study subjects investigated and research methods employed and several significant research trends are identified for additional discussions in later sections. Second, we attempted to identify contemporary marketing issues and practices that were active or emerging in the hospitality and tourism industries but that have not yet been systematically addressed in the reviewed journals. We scanned a variety of trade magazines and Websites and reviewed the research issues and priorities put forward by relevant organizations such as the American Hotel and Lodging Foundation, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, and Marketing Science Institute. This review effort emphasized sources from non-profit organizations more than those from private marketing research companies, with a particular attention given to generalized industry-wide issues. As a result, a number of marketing issues were found to be worth noting and to warrant systematic inquiries.

Finally, we summarize and contrast academic research with industry marketing trends to highlight the marketing issues to be tackled in upcoming hospitality and tourism research. The significant trends appearing in the reviewed marketing studies also are critically considered to develop general suggestions for future research. Throughout this study, the term “significant trend” is defined as a general tendency or inclination in both the content and frequency of hospitality/tourism marketing research that is likely to have a major effect on or meaning for subsequent hospitality/tourism marketing research and practices. We conclude with a general call for domain-specific marketing theory development and knowledge accumulation through growing hospitality and tourism research.

Literature Review

The main and dyadic effects of service failure and recovery efforts by companies received recurrent research attention since their relatively recent debut in the hospitality and tourism ...
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