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Ethical Issues on Cosmetic Surgery

Ethical issues on Advertisement on cosmetic Surgery


Donda West, the mother of Kanye West died due to the result of complications from a surgical procedure. This surgical procedure was Tummy tuck. In this paper, we will see what Ethical issues on cosmetic surgery should be there in order to facilitate secure surgery to the patient. The aim of this paper is to contribute to the debate on ethical aspects related to cosmetic surgery in today's society.


The appearance is an essential factor in human interactions. The good appearance has always been associated with professional and social success. That is why doctors cannot abstract from the importance it has to balance the individual's bio-psychosocial and represents, in turn, the definition of health that suggests the World Health Organization (WHO). Nevertheless, the concept of beauty existed since ancient times, and since then it seeks to maintain a youthful appearance and beauty. He always feels the need to understand their performance under the laws of beauty, and the challenge, as determined by the conditions of social development, expressed differently in each specific historical society. Aesthetic activity and consciousness of the individual determined by the system of social relations and cultural values inherent in time and society. It is precisely in the process of social relations where they form their own ideals and aesthetic taste, which assimilated through education and on the basis of experience and practice of the subject. Men tend to seek and find beauty not only on the objects created for this purpose, but throughout the whole material goods produced by him. In the same way that the trend toward beauty is not only a need purely ideal, but very often it is an instrument for the transformation of reality assumes that transformation from a particular aesthetic ideal, thus resulting in the individual aesthetic attitude to the world.

The aesthetic attitude can be defined as a form of spiritual production, which takes independent value, as a special form of man's relationship with reality, through the knowledge and appreciation of its properties and its transformation into a sensory image in correspondence with the ideal. This relative independence enables the development of aesthetic capacity, based on the interpretation of any universal culture of society. This attitude is an internal stimulus that functions as an integral element of social production, which manifests itself from its human meaning and serves as an endpoint in correspondence with the aesthetic ideal (Atiyeh, et al., 2008).

Health professionals must join forces to offer the truth and stay in constant self-criticism, without falling into deception as those offered by the advertising of many products, machines and procedures. That is when health specialists, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, pharmacists, including psychologists and psychiatrists, play an important role. Additionally, specialties that offer few cosmetic procedures and therefore, represented by fewer than 10 individual providers' Websites excluded from the study because it felt that more than 10 Websites needed accurately represent the specialty. The resulting scores analyzed, focusing on trends within training background ...
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