Costa Coffee Marketing Plan

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Costa Coffee Marketing Plan

Costa Coffee Marketing Plan


The main purpose of this paper is to make a three year marketing plan for Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee is a coffee house running its business around the globe. The headquarter of the company is in Dunstable, United Kingdom. Costa Coffee is the largest coffee house in United Kingdom, and it is the second largest coffee house in the whole world. The Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa have established Costa Coffee in 1971. The company has spread its business around the globe, and the main centres of its business are Bahrain, Ireland, Lebanon, Serbia, Russia, Cyprus, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Greece, Qatar, UAE etc. Costa has the plan to boost its sales and achieve the highest targets (Arrow, 2000, p. 40). The main aim of this paper is to make a three year marketing plan by focusing on the marketing tools and theories.

PEST Analysis

Following is the PEST analysis of Costa Coffee.

Political Factors

The main political factors associated with the Costa Coffee for three years are as followed. The local authority support for the chemical is declining continuously. There is a great potential of withdrawal preceding the changes in the political control. There is also lack of coordination in the coffee suppliers. The political factors have greatly influenced the regulation of the beverage industry in UK (Sam, 2010, p. 34). According to the research and other findings there is stability in the UK environment. The only issues that affected the political stability of the government are the extension of European Union and the war against terror. The taxation policy of the government is also increasing day by day and has affected the buying behaviour of the people in UK.

Economic Factors

There are some economical factors which can affect the market of Costa Coffee for UK. These are the factors through which the purchasing power of the potential clients is affected. The economy of UK has low inflation rate which is considered as the benefit and good sign for the companies. The rate or inflation has decreased to 1.3%. Another good factor for the Costa Coffee is that the unemployment rate of UK is very high and; therefore, the rate of spending is also high. This is a very good sign for any company who wants to expand its business (Kerin, 2008, p. 35). According to the calculations the GDP of the country is also increasing at an accelerated rate and which is also increasing consumption level of customers in UK.

Social Factors

In UK, the access of the Internet is growing day by day. Statistics show that almost 29.8 million households have access to the Internet. This ratio increases the trend of online buying and marketing, which could be helpful for the Costa Coffee in a sense that they can start their online marketing campaign. It is estimated that almost 99% of people to UK spend their time in watching TV and using Internet on evenings and weekends (Hanssens, 2001, ...
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