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Course Project Information

In confined spaces, welding can be deadly. Without sufficient ventilation, harmful fumes and gases can be much stronger. Shielding gases, like argon, can replace the oxygen and murder you.

METALS. These are some of the harmful metals:

Stainless iron alloy comprises nickel and chromium, which can origin asthma. Nickel and chromium 6 can origin cancer. Chromium cans origin sinus difficulties and “holes” between the nostrils.

Carbon iron alloy comprises more manganese than some other metals do. Manganese cans origin Parkinson's infection, which cripples the nerves and muscles.

Zinc in galvanized steel or in decorate can origin steel fume fever. It feels like the influenza and proceeds away in a couple of hours or days after exposure ends.


Lead (in some paints) can origin lead poisoning — headaches, painful sinews and junctions, nausea, stomach cramps, irritability, recollection decrease, anaemia, and kidney and tense scheme damage. If lead dirt precedes dwelling on work clothes/shoes, it can make your family ill, most of all your children.

Cadmium (in some tints and fillers) cans origin kidney difficulties and cancer.

Other coatings may comprise isocyanides, which can origin asthma; one kind (TDI) may origin cancer.


Welding through or beside some (chlorinated) solvents can make phosgene, a venomous gas. The gas cans origin fluid in the lungs. You may not observe the difficulty until hours after you stop welding. But fluid in your lungs can murder you.


When carbon dioxide is utilised for protecting, carbon monoxide can pattern and murder you. Carbon monoxide can pattern furthermore in oxyacetylene welding.

The welding arc can pattern ozone and nitrogen oxides from the air. MIG and TIG welding make the most ozone, most of all when aluminium is welded. These fumes irritate the eyes, ear, nose, throat, and ...
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