Crime And Poverty In Louisiana

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Crime and Poverty in Louisiana

Crime and Poverty Among Different Race Male Genders in the State of Louisiana & How it Relates to Each Other


Louisiana may not have a very vast infrastructure but the states are equipped with a rich culture that provides a state of envy to many other countries. The state, enriched with bustling cities, suburbs and scenic views, is also a ground to vicious crimes and violence. Culture and community are not substitutes for crime, poverty, and corruption. A country may have the best cultural heritage, but if it does not provide peace and harmony to its citizens, then culture and other factors of society are of no use. The country also finds its name among corrupt places of the world having high rates of governmental and private sector corruption levels that have jeopardize the economy to a high level. In the early 1970's, a unique clash of political circumstances and technological advancements gave birth to a new era where groups were hijacking, kidnapping officials and diplomats, and announcing themselves with bombings. Air travel methods gave terrorists worldwide access and the development of television, and communication satellites projected them to a global audience. Experts accurately predicted that there would be a rise of hostile, fundamentalist religious groups and sects both in the United States and abroad. They predicted that terrorist growth would be steady, and that there would be increasing use of military force in response to terrorism.

War against terrorism has not totally gone in vain; in fact efforts are being made to reduce war killings and terrorism to minimum levels. Louisiana also finds itself struggling as a victim to the evils of the world. International cooperation has increased, and new antiterrorist laws have been implemented in the world. Hijackings and Embassy takeovers, being traditional methods, are occurring far less frequently today than before. However, the objectives driving terrorism have changed from ideologies to ethnic conflict and religious extremism.

Louisiana has been a victim to riots due to racial discrimination and differences between male genders that have led to serious consequences in the history of the state. This has ultimately given way to a group of terrorists least bothered by the fears of separating from their constituents or causing harm to the citizens. In the 1990's, less attention was paid to what might cause terrorism and instead focused on its inhibition, improving intelligence mechanisms, increasing overall security, identifying effective anti-terrorist methods, and applying innovative technology. Terrorism was used as a central strategy for gaining power within several political movements during the 20th century and studies show it would be a practice in futures to come. Groups aiming to achieve power in history, widely implemented measures that led the world to a crisis and people began to suffer abundantly. In the mid-19th and early-20th centuries, a political movement known as “anarchism” became popular that greatly promoted the end of all forms of government, proving them naturally ...
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