Crime Scene Investigation

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crime scene investigation

Crime scene investigation

Crime scene investigation

Glass is a product of inorganic solidified, but does not crystallize. The glass is mainly composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), and is very common in everyday life. Typically, windows are the most fragile elements of a building or vehicle, and if damaged by thieves or criminals from entering the areas or vehicles. When the broken glass at the scene of a crime, small glass particles are expected not only forward but also backwards, to sin and its immediate environment. These particles can then be extracted and used to establish a link between a suspect and a crime scene.

Glass can be classified by chemical composition or assistance. There are four main chemical compositions of glass: soda lime, lead, borosilicate and special glass. While the glass is mainly composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), it also contains modifiers that are used to vary the quality and characteristics of the glass. Soda-lime glass is available by adding a certain amount of soda (Na2CO3) and lime (CaO). It is the mirror that generates most of the windows and bottles. Borosilicate glass is made by the addition of boron and zinc is more resistant to heat. The different colors of glass are obtained by introducing small amounts of additives. For example, chromium (Cr) is used to give a green tint, cobalt (Co) for a blue tint.

Almost all types of glass are commercially available. Window glass is probably the most common type of glass, and is commonly found in a flat, transparent part consists of soda-lime glass. This type of glass is undeniable high temperatures, rapid changes in temperature, or corrosive substances. Most of the glass dish is now ready to use the float process. It involves depositing the molten glass onto a bath of molten tin in an inert atmosphere to obtain a completely flat surface. Tempered glass is a different type of glass that is stronger than ordinary glass. A particular strength is obtained by introducing additional forces on both sides of the glass by rapid cooling and heating during the manufacturing process. This glass is broken into small pieces when it breaks. It is used on side windows and rear of the car. Laminated glass is a glass composed of several sheets of glass bonded with a plastic film such as polyvinyl butyral.

When breaking glass in a criminal offense, small particles are projected onto her clothes, hair ...
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