Crimes And Gangs Native American

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Crimes and Gangs Native Ameriacn

Crimes and Gangs Native American

Typical cultural and family responses to gangs and Crime within native American Family

The term gang has its origin in the United States in the early twentieth century, starting from 1910 onwards. Social crimes, mafia and the rise of gangsters all come within the umbrella of crimes. (Love, Sharon, RedHawk 2009)

Native American Families basically is one word that consist of various tribes be it Indian, Chinese, Mexican etc. Although native American families could have varying cultures which include bicultural, traditional but overall they have the same cultural beliefs and practices. Hence their family response to crimes and gangs is also similar.

Native American families strongly discourage and take strict actions to make sure that their children are not indulging in criminal activities or becoming a part of such a gang. This is so as such crimes have the attraction of large monetary gains.

Crimes could include bribery, sexual abuse, killing, unethical and illegal use of substances etc. People engaging into these activities have nothing to do with culture. Family responses here involve placing evaluating the children, neighborhood if there are any criminal activities and report the police if they observe it.

Cultural and spiritual supports and strengths for coping with the problem amongst Native American family

The main problem that the Native Americans face are the high incidence of crime followed by drug trafficking, the proliferation of violent youth gangs, legitimating capital and domestic violence. Within United States these gangs vary from all age groups.

Such crimes arise in great demand due to factors such as people moving widely in tribes in different regions of the country. However diverse the culture of Native Americans, have strong beliefs and values, and they focus on harmony. Every family residing within the United States does not appreciate this but each in their own ways is focusing towards how to eradicate this issue.

Studies show that many households have placed complains over the children residing in their communities who are engaging in illegal activities. This is so as although there are various tribes within the umbrella of Native American they all have strong cultural and spiritual support that teaches them not to indulge or become a part of crimes or any gang.

It can be easily said no household, culture, religion would ever support the emergence, growth or existence of crime and crime gangs. Hence ...
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