Criminal Justice Management And Administration

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Criminal Justice Management and Administration


In this research we try to discover the insight of “criminal justice management” in a holistic perspective. The key heart of the study is on “criminal justice management” and its relation with “administration” and Mutually and individually the components of the criminal justice system make efforts to avoid crime, and hold criminal behavior. The research also examines various characteristics of “criminal justice management and administration” and tries to measure its effect. This research report is based on The Criminal Justice System, its history, functions, and organizational management.

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History of Criminal Justice2


Law Enforcement4

Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)5


Federal Court7

State Courts8

Juvenile Courts9

Differentiating Juvenile and Adult Justice10


Probation& Parole11


Criminal Justice Management and Administration


A criminal justice administration and organization is fair, sincere, and effectual system. It is one of the most significant institutions of America. Criminal Justice Administration is the organization that is performing and controlling the criminal laws and justice system. It is the institution of governments that directs social control, mitigating and deterring crime, or sanctioning those who infringe laws. It imposes criminal penalties and rehabilitation.

The criminal justice organization of United Sates has three main components: The courts, the correctional system, and the police. These components simultaneously play independent part as well as the integrated and interrelated system. The justice system and administration are extremely interactive in dividing power among the court, the correctional system, police, and juvenile justice agency (Tonry, Michael, Joan, 1999).


The organization administrates all levels of government. There are three levels of government local, state, and federal. There are law enforcement agencies that are under Federal government. It includes Drug enforcement agency, secret service agency, and the most famous FBI federal investigation bureau. The federal government has its own Court system that takes legal actions against violation of federal laws. It investigates federal crime and its system.

The local and state governments have similar operations like the federal government. Each locality and states has its own laws. This impact the justice and administrations within its area. The criminal justice system exists in local and state government. The state police and highway patrol enforce laws in towns, villages, and cities. Serious offences are prosecuted in state courts, while local courts handle minor offence. Local jails, prisons and detentions centers are provided to the State by the government (Tory, Michael, Joan, 1999).

History of Criminal Justice

The criminal justice organization is appeared from history and tradition of British common law. It is part of American legal system. It started in seventeenth and eighteenth century and embedded in the court of law. The most significant figure in city court was personal residents and the justice of peace to whom people brought their problems and complaint. Even watchmen provide security at night their job was provisional and most of the time unpaid. These watchmen were usually the elder citizens. They were not legal authority when there are some serious offend people called out the militia. The organizations that controlled contemporary criminal justice developed gradually over seventeen and eighteen ...
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