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Critical Book Review of “How to Help a Friend” by Selwyn Hughes

Critical Book Review of “How to Help a Friend” by Selwyn Hughes


This is a terrific book that helps readers to get people-helpers (counsellors) within their fellowship. They do not have to be professional counsellors to find themselves in situations with friends/family where the wisdom and principles that this book gives can be extremely useful. It is full of biblical principles and insights and is easy to read. The readers of this book would especially recommend to others involved in any kind of pastoral care at any particular level.

Selwyn Hughes presents the idea of the common man as a consultant to friends. This book may be used as a text in graduate-level consultations. It contains information for practicing consultants or an ordinary person wants to be a good friend. Christian writer, consultant believes in the idea. This book is recommended for those who want to be better than others.

This book has a wealth of practical information regarding communicating with and helping everyone facing a problem. It is easy to read and gives clear guidelines to determine the seriousness of friends. (Welter, 1990)

This will give you good advice on board and teaches a lot of complex skills and techniques to use if you want to help someone think through a problem. (Welter, 1990)

Ideal for lay counsellors to lay ministers, teachers, friends, bartenders or other "keepers" who care about people based on the Bible and common sense. (Hughes, 2000)

Book Review

This book will help you to create appropriate satisfying relations with their family, friends, and colleagues and even with themselves.

This excellent book is an excellent resource for readers and individuals who are involved in counselling ministry, or just for Christians who want to improve their friends and family through hard times and problems. A helpful guide covers wide-ranging issues, but the essence of the book comprises of Selwyn's excellent teaching on counselling skills.

Children faced many difficulties in their growing age and consider several misunderstandings. Nothing was ever resolved for us as young children. Ask "why" was regarded as misconduct and could lead to a beating from my older sister. We have supported every mistake we made, whether we know why we have not lost or spank. For a long time I believed that adult children hate.

It is believed that children are born with "a big question mark on his forehead." The question is asked: "Who am I?" How can we solve this issue to respond to the child if the child grows up with his superiors, strong and positive self-esteem?

It is better to say that self-esteem simply means self-confidence and worth, or self-esteem. It is also necessary to say here that the child's behaviour is inextricably linked with the amount of his or her self-esteem shopping.

Selwyn Hughes in his excellent book "How to help a friend, says that human behaviour is the result of chance, but that the attitudes and actions of the history of experiences that define their ...
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