Critical Challenges In Healthcare Management

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Critical Challenges in Healthcare Management



This paper focuses on the upcoming inclinations, which will form the requirements for health care over the globe. This issue deals with a broad range of people: management at chief pharmaceutical groups and inventors, care providers, scholars at business and medical schools, practicing physicians, and specialists in NGOs and government agencies.


These are a few challenges expected to make over the health care across the globe in the decades to come. The trends we acknowledged, altogether, not only present some grounds for expectations, but also guarantee debates and discussion to improvise the issue. Reflect on the following:

Rising costs

The already enormous challenge of controlling the ever-rising health care costs is expected to only get worse.

The economical aspect will play its part as competition rises and market heads towards saturation. Apart from that dealing with the extremely unpredictable economic trends has only become tougher.

As far as the legal and ethical aspects are concerned, rising costs is an issue that does not influence these dimensions. However, in order to cope with the problem of rising costs, a manager must not use illegal and unethical measures. (Gina, 2009)

Numerous drifts, such as amazing but costly, progresses in diagnosing and curing ailments, aging populations, the deficiency of fresh water and air, and the capricious expansion of heavily packed megacities, will add to the complexity of managing this problem. (Wall Street Journal, 2010)

The Rise of Rationing

Rationing is the process of distributing of goods or services to people. Economical issues related to rationing are the proper distribution of allotted portions.

Increasing expenditure will create rationing problems in one way or the other in the future. (Peter, 2001)

The legal and ethical issues related to rationing has reached an alarming stage. The policies that have to be ...
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