Critical Current Issues And Their Impact On Public Health

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Critical Current Issues and Their Impact on Public Health

Critical Current Issues and Their Impact on Public Health


Saving life is the biggest service that mankind can render to the humanity. This statement can prone a naïve, yet cognitive mind to numerous facets and directions, via which the human life can be purposefully saved. However, nothing can be more beneficial for the society and respectful for the individual him/herself, rather making this human service, an integral part of his/her professional life. Therefore, it will not be misleading to articulate that the institute of healthcare, and the individuals who provide their service in that institute are not only excessively revered, but play a significant role in bringing ray of hope and trust, in to the dwindling health and life conditions of ailing, or physically or emotionally impaired individuals.

Moreover, over the time, the advent of technology and advancements have played a pivotal role in bringing new and improved facets of progress and acuteness in this profession and institute, and these technological advancements have proven out to be critical in assisting the institute, in saving the lives and bringing a ray of hope, in a better and improved manner. However, even after such vital advancements, this domain is still occupied with numerous critical issues that have an imperative impact on the public health.

Critical Current Issues

As discussed earlier, over time the arena of healthcare has witnesses and undergone numerous extensive and radical changes, which have subsequently paved ways for various critical aspects, that have a significant impact on the public health. Amongst those critical aspects are the different new and existing programs formulation and development.

First Issue

Over time, the practice of keeping the cost of operations or procedures minimal, yet providing substantial and effective services have become every sector's primary objective, and public health care is no exception in this. Therefore, at the outset the biggest and the most critical issue that is faced by the public health domain is to control the ever increasing cost of the services that are being provided, courtesy the new technologies and advanced medication and treatments. These endowments of advanced technologies and advanced medication and treatment, undoubtedly have taken this domain on to a different positive journey; however, at the same time it has substantially increased the costs of the processes, services and procedures, which in returned have burdened the affordability of the users, or consumers. Therefore, the biggest critical issue at this moment is the submission of the cost effective services, and in-house processes. However, even with the cost effective services, the public demands quality and effective services.

It is not any secret that the current era revolves primarily around technology, and the subsequent decade will be no exception, as well; however the next era will be even more prone towards the assimilation of web based and other electronic medical services, in comparison to the existing times. However, the real issue resides with the proper accessibility, astute assimilation of the electronic services, and the maintenance of quality of ...
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