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Automating Sales Force

Automating Sales Force


Automation of sales with CRM is extremely effective and absolutely necessary for any system of sales department, which seeks to success in today's market. Automation of sales with CRM greatly increases the effectiveness of the sales department, a positive economic effect, makes the business more transparent and stable, allows the introduction of more sophisticated marketing, analytical and administrative functions (Taber, 2009, pp. 221).

Functional Automation of Sales through CRM

Automation sales with CRM, as a set of operational applications, united by common business logic and integrated into a single information system that provides a set of tools for working with information to improve efficiency and profitability of sales (Jobber & Lancaster, 2011, pp. 267):

Automatic preparation of commercial offers (freedom from routine work that can be automated)

Automatically update information on prices (price lists), the size of bonuses, cumulative discounts for regular customers, etc (Goodey, 2011, pp. 117).

Integration with accounting and warehousing services, as well as regional offices of the company to enter information about the shipment of goods, services, receipt of payment, order fulfillment, etc., and may be entered manually or imported from other information systems automatically. Automation of sales with CRM is also a comprehensive information system, which aims at streamlining and improving the effectiveness of sales and business processes to interact with customers (Kostojohn, 2011, pp. 77).

Advantages and Benefits of Automation of Sales

Automation of sales with CRM has a number of advantages and benefits:

No loss of information in all areas of the Secretary to the Manager, monitoring progress of information and its processing

In the care or temporary absence of the client easily redistributed among other staff members as well as the entire history of the relationship with the client is transparent and easily accessible

Effective and objective tool for analyzing the performance of managers and the entire sales team as a whole

Reflection is absolutely clear and transparent picture of sales, the basis for analysis and planning strategy for the company's sales.

Automation sales with CRM, the use of analytical CRM and marketing tools will be really useful and increase the efficiency of your business with careful selection of a suitable option for your business CRM and correctly applied the company's employees (Buttle, 2008, pp. 331).

Most products on today's market are not vastly superior to their competitors. Due to a high degree of competition, many companies succeed by having a stronger sales force than their opposition. As market share ...
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