Croatian Culture

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Croatian Culture

Executive Summary

The paper summarizes different aspects of business culture in Croatia. The Croatian culture is one of the diverse cultures in the world. However, business activities in Croatia are still in its infancy stage to play role in developing the economy. The cultural element affects the way of conducting the business activities in Croatia. The religious laws and activities do not influence the business practice in the country. Business ethics are religiously followed and practiced in the conduct of business. Principles of business have been made that facilitate the people in performing their business activities. Laws and regulations have been implemented by the government that takes care of the business codes and conducts. The people of Croatia are provided with the professional and vocational training that helps them in improving their professional skills. The paper also compare geography, government reforms, tax administration, corporate and income taxes, incentives, corporate responsibility and foreign investments in Croatia and United States to get the big picture of the Croatian economy.

Croatian Culture

Cultural Elements in conducting business in Croatia

Organizational culture defines business climates, the style of relationships and the values of the company. Culture in business is a set of rules that are theoretically and practically confirmed by the global level as one that undoubtedly lead to business success and lasting competitiveness in business. In Croatia, the business activities are conducted according to the cultural and ethical values. The associations in Croatia aim to raise awareness of developing a professional culture and responsible business relationships so that greater competitiveness can be achieved at all levels of society. The idea of ??establishing the association has arisen from the fact that in Croatia there is no clear definition of desirable and effective business culture, as well as guidance on how to conduct business. A series of good practice shows that this is the only way to bring lasting benefit to all parties and provides long-term stability and development. The aim is to help companies develop, maintain and promote an organizational culture based on effective and responsible business practices. Values ??are the responsibility of the respective associations to take care of, in order to enhance the cultural elements and dimensions of the business that is conducted in the Croatia (Deichman & Eshghi, 2003).


Religion in Croatia, does not affect the business practices. There are separate laws for both, the religion and the business in the country therefore business laws are being followed while conducting business and religion does not have any significant impact on the conduct of business. There exist significant cultural differences in Croatia with respect to other European countries. Catholicism in the southern region, particularly Bavaria, and Protestantism in northern region are the main religions. Specific religious differences affect not only the mentality and way of life, but also the administrative arrangement, especially religious holidays in Catholic regions where there are more, so the working time in this regard is different (Crane, 2004).

Business ethics

Despite the highly developed "industry" of ethics in global business ...
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